Conference – Clean Energy in European Islands – 2018



— Objectives and Scope of the Conference —

European islands are a very special and interesting part of Europe with their own identity, culture, landscape and development; however also with increased infrastructure requirements due to their remote character and distance from the mainland.

There is a continuously growing interest and focus of the EU and national governments to investigate and identify the most efficient and effective methods, tools and technologies in order to make the transition towards Clean Energy in the European islands. The transition to clean energy will result in reduced energy costs using the latest technologies, better energy security for islands, improved air quality, lower greenhouse gas emissions, less impact on islands’ natural environment as well as in the creation of new jobs and business opportunities, boosting islands’ economic self-sufficiency.

In this context and taking into account that Greece is an EU country with a very high number of populated islands, Piraeus University of Applied Science organises the (first) CLEAN ENERGY IN EUROPEAN ISLANDS Conference (April 24, 2018) that intends to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and expand the discussion on the clean energy projects implementation in European islands to a wider audience including researchers, practitioners, politicians and – mainly – European island stakeholders for the optimal transition in clean energy for the benefit of the island communities.

Conference Organisation

The event will be held in Athens, Greece in the premises of Piraeus University of Applied Science (PUAS), on April 24, 2018. The event is organised by the Soft Energy Applications and Environmental Protection Laboratory of PUAS ( along with SAPIENZA, CRES, UNIZAG and CEA, all partners of PRISMI –INTEREG Project (

All Conference delegates are invited to attend the Experts’ Workshop that will be held in PUAS on April 23, 2018 related to the Clean Energy prospect in the Greek Islands. There is no fee incurred for the attendance of both events.

The topics of the event have been selected in order to continue recently started discussions on the very interesting subject of Clean Energy Projects implementation in the European islands.

Scientific Themes – Thematic Areas of the Conference


The presentations of the Conference (either oral or poster presentations) may originate either from scientific and research activities or from professional / practical experience. Both categories of presentations are very much welcome in the event as long as they provide insight and contribute to the advancement in the field.


The most important themes of the event may be described as follows:


  • European islands, geographical, cultural and economic features in the prospect of new energy projects implementation
  • European islands current status in the energy and water infrastructure
  • Clean energy projects in the European islands
  • The coordinated effort to increase RES penetration in the European islands – economic and technological issues
  • Political and regulatory factors for the successful implementation of clean energy projects – the role of EU and national governments
  • Novel funding tools – novel technologies to facilitate and support clean energy projects in the islands

Based on these topics, but also open to interesting new ideas and proposals, we are proud to announce that Clean Energy in the European Islands Conference is now open for abstracts and papers. The event intends to be the first in a series or relevant events that will follow the progress in the real implementation of clean energy projects in Europe.




Selected papers of excellent quality and innovative character will be published in a special issue of Renewable Energy Journal. Please indicate whether you are interested in the RENE Journal publication.




  • Abstract Submission: 31 January 2018


  • Abstract Acceptance Notification: 10 February 2018


  • Full paper submission: 20 March 2018


One A4 page Abstract will be submitted to the Conference Secretariat (e-mail address) no later than January 31, 2018. The Abstract should be written according to the template provided and contain:

  • The Title of the Work
  • The names and affiliations of the authors
  • The name of the presenting Author
  • The Thematic Area as described above
  • The Objectives, Background and Results of the work
  • Potential (or existing) applications of the work


For further information and abstract submission, click here


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